How to choose Hair Removal Machine in beauty salon

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Due to genetic reasons, many people's body hair will be thicker, which seriously affects our image, so many people will choose to do hair removal projects in beauty salons. So in response to the Hair Removal project, what kind of Hair Removal Machine should the beauty salon buy?

What is the Hair Removal Machine in the beauty salon

With the development of science and technology, hair removal technology has also had a great development, hair removal equipment effect of beauty salon has become better and better.

At present, the Hair Removal Machine in beauty salons mainly focuses on optical hair removal, which is divided into laser hair removal and E-light hair removal.

Optical hair removal mainly acts on melanin, because the hair shaft and hair follicles contain a lot of melanin, when the light of optical hair removal into the skin, it will absorb a lot of energy, and rapidly heat up, and then destroy the hair follicle and affect the growth cycle of the hair follicle, thus inhibiting hair growth.

Laser Hair Removal Machine mainly 808 Hair Removal Machine, is a professional hair removal equipment, hair removal at the same time has the effect of rejuvenation.

e Light Hair Removal Machine is a kind of multifunctional equipment, in addition to hair removal, can also deal with color spots, acne, rough skin, enlarged pores and other problems.

How to choose Hair Removal Machine in beauty salon

When buying Hair Removal Machine, beauty salons need to choose the right instrument according to their actual situation.

For example, we have a sufficient budget and want to buy a better hair Removal Machine, so we can choose 808Hair Removal Machine;If the budget is not particularly sufficient, hope that one instrument can carry out a variety of skin beauty projects, then you can choose the E-light Hair Removal Machine.

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