Water Chiller winter protection measures

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In winter, the low temperature environment can cause the circulation tube to freeze, and the freezing density is lower than that of water. Copper pipes and heat exchanger housing freeze, crack, or deform in limited volumes under the action of ice. In order to ensure the unimpeded refrigeration system in winter, it is necessary to ensure that the equipment is not damaged beyond repair.

1. How to prevent the refrigeration industry from being frozen

In order to ensure the better operation of Water Chiller group in winter and prevent irreversible damage caused by low temperature environment, the equipment must be drained in time. For example, water coolers, pipes, pumps, refrigeration towers and terminal equipment should be cleaned before the ambient temperature drops below 0 degrees Celsius.

2. Winter Water Chiller anti-freezing measures

Condenser: The other end of the tube has an open cover. Remove the lid and tighten the screws.

Evaporator: Open the evaporator, plug in the drain valve and drain all water. The best thing to do is to leave the drain valve open in the winter and turn off the water supply by next year.

Pipes and pumps: Minimize the displacement of pipes and pumps.

Cooling tower: Open the discharge valve at the bottom of the cooling tower and remove the base.

End: A discharge valve is arranged at the bottom of the coil. The discharge valve is opened. The blowdown valve is usually opened in winter.

3. The correct use of antifreeze to prevent Water Chiller freezing damage

Antifreeze coolant is a kind of coolant with antifreeze function, which can be used in winter antifreeze, prolong the service life of laser and cooler, and damage the seal of pipeline. A variety of antifreeze formulations are available on the market. In fact, we have some requirements for Water Chiller coolant, and incorrect selection or improper use may damage the inner tube of the equipment.

4. Water Chiller antifreeze standard use

Most antifreeze agents are glycol and propylene glycol, which can be used directly according to the ambient temperature requirements. However, can not directly use the mother liquor, should be adjusted according to the operating temperature requirements with soft water. The freezing point of glycol antifreeze varies with the glycol concentration. When the glycol concentration is lower than 56%, the freezing point decreases.

5. Precautions

If the shutdown time of the device is short, it is recommended to start the refrigeration unit separately and continue running to maintain the normal operating water temperature. Also, when the power is off, please pay attention to the operation of the cooler.

If the equipment does not work at night, in order to prevent power failure, please open the cooler separately and set the low temperature and high temperature system to 5-10 degrees to save energy. Ensure that the cooling medium circulates and the water temperature does not fall below freezing point.

In conclusion, taking good Water Chiller anti-freezing measures in winter can further enhance the cooling effect of Water Chiller and ensure the sustainable and healthy use of Water Chiller.

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