Use of Horizontal Slurry Pump

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Pumps have long been used in industry, agriculture and urban water systems and other equipment. At present, some horizontal mud pumps on the market have built-in self-priming effect. Generally speaking, the self-priming effect is between 4 and 8 meters. The relatively simple structure can make the pump work for a long time, the failure rate is relatively low, the daily maintenance is also very convenient.

The principle of the Horizontal Slurry Pump is a reciprocating plunger pump, which connects the tissue of the bar through gears. When working downhole, drilling hydraulic with low viscosity and high sand content can be run into the well to cool the bit, flush the well, shatter the rock formation, and remove debris from the well.

The horizontal mud pump is a two step suction and discharge. Slurry pump is roughly divided into liquid end and power end two parts. The function of the power end is to transfer power, to change the mode of motion and speed. The main function of the liquid end is to convert the mechanical energy into liquid, so as to achieve the effect of conveying mortar.

The Horizontal Slurry Pump has two single-cylinder functions. The piston rotates once, can make two kinds of liquid discharge, make the hydraulic drive, realize the stable operation of the equipment. Slurry pump conveying pressure is high, the pressure can be adjusted freely; Independent reversing mechanism, very suitable for explosion-proof and other places; Pump structure is compact, suitable for construction area size.

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