What are some applications of the Shot Blast Machine in the automotive industry?

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Shot Blast Machine is widely used in the automobile industry. Different types of Shot Blast Machine are used for different auto parts to be cleaned. Large auto parts such as auto body and chassis need to be cleaned by Shot Blast Machine; Car hub can be used with hook Shot Blast Machine or mesh belt through the Shot Blast Machine, the following for each type of Shot Blast Machine for a detailed introduction.

Mainly used for cleaning and strengthening steel structure welding parts, H type steel, steel plate and other types of steel surface, commonly used industries mainly include automobiles, tractors, motors, valves and other fields, because they can quickly clean the surface of the piece, improve its cleanliness, thereby improving the quality of the workpiece coating, by many workpiece processing industry.

The Shot Blast Machine can automatically complete the target cleaning task, which not only reduces the labor intensity of manual cleaning, but also improves the cleaning effect and greatly improves the work efficiency. At the same time, because Huan way through type Shot Blast Machine is steel, so the design is reasonable, even if the equipment for a long time is in working status, also won't cause serious fault, long service life.

Compared with other types of Shot Blast Machine, the wheel pass Shot Blast Machine has high working efficiency. This is because the Shot Blast Machine is designed to increase processing speed. In order to be able to achieve this requirement, Huan way through type Shot Blast Machine at the time of assembly will be in accordance with the requirements of customers of different parts. In order to improve the processing speed, it is necessary to configure multiple Shot Blast machines to achieve high-speed cleaning.

Hook Shot Blast Machine is a shot blasting machine used for surface cleaning of castings, forgings, automotive parts and steel structural parts. It can remove rust on the surface of metal parts, remove oxide skin, strengthen and clean sticky sand. After cleaning, the surface roughness of the metal parts is uniform, improve the adhesion of the paint surface, eliminate the internal stress of the workpiece.

The hook Shot Blast Machine adopts the design of no pit, which saves the cost and trouble of laying the foundation for enterprises. It adopts the shot blast machine with large shot blasting quantity and high shooting speed, which significantly improves the efficiency of shot blasting and cleaning effect. The hook is operated in straight rail, and the workpiece hanging on the hook can be rotated in the chamber body, and the workpiece can be cleaned without dead Angle.

Hook Shot Blast Machine structure design is simple, easy to operate and maintain. The hook has the function of automatically lifting, deforming and rotating the room. Shot blasting time can be set freely. Generally, it can be designed for cleaning in 5~20 minutes, which improves the production efficiency of enterprises to a certain extent. The Shot Blast Machine is a kind of functional shot blasting equipment for cleaning dishes, sheets, castings, bodies and structural parts. The mesh belt through the shot blasting function on the surface of the original steel and castings to apply strong shot blasting, to remove the rust layer, welding slag and oxide skin, obtain uniform metal luster, improve the coating quality and anti-corrosion effect of steel.

Belt through Shot Blast Machine is mainly used in automobile, aerospace, railway and machinery manufacturing. During operation, the mesh belt Shot Blast Machine allows automatic, continuous, uninterrupted passage of parts and shot peening cleaning from multiple directions. The hub type shot blasting head improves the efficiency of shot blasting, avoids the collision between parts and damages the surface of parts.

When the catenary is working through the Shot Blast Machine, the workpiece can run continuously with the catenary, step by step or adopt the integrated push-push catenary to transport the workpiece, so that the workpiece stops in the loading, unloading and shot blasting area, realizing the fixed point loading and unloading and shot blasting process. Okg, and high production efficiency, reliable operation, very suitable for mass cleaning a variety of easy to hang parts.

The catenary Shot Blast Machine is an ideal choice for automobile, tractor, diesel engine, electric machine, valve and other industries. The equipment can be customized according to the size of the workpiece produced by the customer and the desired cleaning effect, which can save cost and reduce the waste of resources.

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